Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shopping trip gone good!

You gotta love a road trip in a big-ass Suburban, particularly if you’re beating tracks to a shopping destination for fabric, furniture and accessories. I had to go to Atlanta to pick up my thrifted and re-furbed dining room chairs so I took a buddy along who is working on the master bedroom of her new home. We stayed with a design junkie bestie and spent 3 days hittin up some of my favorite sources (along with a recommended must-see by Atlanta blogger Susie). So yeah, we scored and made it back safe with a truck load!

Here’s what I got

new things 037

I couldn’t have found anything more perfect for my powder room wall, I think. Bold color, graphic and textured – it all fits on the Timorous Beasties wallcovering! ZING! LLUVIT!

new things 009

new things 013

Right now it’s framed in black plastic and resting on the Toto, but I want to put it in a brass float frame.

Then, there’s this

new things 025

BIG, faux shagreen tray for the cocktail table! I knew it when I saw it, another perfect fit! BIG!

new things 029

new things 022

I still need bits to style it up right, but you get the idea. Right now there’s a book in it. A new book.

new things 019 

It is “Living In Style – Paris”, and there is so much goodness on those pages! Super-duper inspiring goodness. I’d like to post some beautiful pictures from the tome, but some crappy snaps was all I could manage so I’ll move on.

new things 014

I got the chairs home and they’re beautiful in the space! I really need to get busy on a table.

new things 058

If I had a table, the big wooden vessel that was on the bottom of the cocktail table would be sitting on it in the dining room. It still is gonna be chock-full of brassy bits and bobs. Now it’s a centerpiece.

I’ve been waiting to pick this piece up too!

new things 046

A Karl Springer-esque pouf! I also bought the fabric to have it re-upped in so that it will work in Mr. Man’s room.

new things 044

There’s a peek at it draped in the new colors.

That’s all the action of mine! There were many rolls of fabric, lamps, and other miscellany that my friend pulled the trigger on in order to make it a one-stop Atlanta shopping trip for all her bedroom decorating needs. Between the two of us, there was no room for the cooler that we packed with goodies on our way up!

Now, I can’t wait to get to Philly to take another look at a HUGE chrome piece of wall art that I found last time in. I’m hope, hope, hoping it’s still there ‘cause I’ve realized the perfect place for it at Casa Blanca! YES! I’m making progress.