Saturday, February 19, 2011

From DESIGNin TELL's online magazine, images from the book  "Bob Manders: Architecture and it's Interiors" available at Potterton Books.

Four large black framed portals each containing a single (6 metres high) sheet of glass. The balustrade of the balcony above the front door (left) continues into the house protecting the vide in front of the windows to run through to the other side where it encircles the terrace on the verandas. In the back (not shown) Manders reverses the vertical of the façade with large horizontal glass slats that open toward a garden. tamara moscowitz
Light, reflection creates multi-dimensional space. From the top: the transparency of the enclosed glass, a bridge to a recreational loft, filters in a stream of light for “shadow play” along the wall and stairs;” a shuttered window appears as a window within a window; and at the ground floor glimpses of the outer area as seen through the floor to ceiling glass. tamara moscowitz
Two long garden walls combined with a wing on the right transform the composition of the house from one of isolation to become integrated into its surroundings. The entrance’s elongated glass façade is an accent in harmony with the vertical tree. tamara moscowitz
Layer upon layer best describes the unobstructed bird’s eye view from front to back. Peering in through the outer wall’s opening into a picture perfect window brings the lush scenery in the back garden into focus.tamara moscowitz

See more and read the entire article DUTCH COOL IN MODERN TIMES: Light and Nature Defines One Man's Contemporary Architectural Style, by Tamara Moscowitz at

Bob Manders' work absolutely lights me up. I'm vibrating.

Not to mention the bookstore Potterton Books in NY. They're a pusher I want to get to know.

CAN NOT wait to head north. Hurry April.

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