Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Designer's Eye - lessons in tableaux

I was turned on this morning, at The Zhush, to an incredible spot in NYC that is new to me! And it's on my itinerary for my first trip to NY this season - good Golly! I can't wait to see Buck House! They have a beautiful and varied inventory, but what has captured my attention most, for the moment, are these tableaux, these inspirational looks into the world of Buck House, curated by Deborah Buck.

all images above via Buck House

And here's my own tableau I'm working on - minus those glass pieces
dining space with built-in buffet

and starting with this piece
piece to go on built-in buffet
(And, it's a good size, but it's not as big as it looks here!)

What else would be pretty?


  1. Sweet Piece! I've never heard of Buck House either, so thanks for the tip.

    LOVE that white beveled cabinet she has in the shop. Pretty sure its the same one that was used in a room designed by Melanie Turner that I love....

  2. Aren't they beautiful...a definite stop on my next trip to New York!!


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