Saturday, February 19, 2011

I ain't hatin'

but I'm wondering - what's up with Trendy Wendys?

Shouldn't we be mindful of how many bona-fide, beat-to-death, it'll be made in resin and sold at Big Lots, trends we pack into a space - room or home? It's something I fret over constantly while making decisions on my big-fat-reno (and decorating) project.

So, I noticed this trend fest as I was looking at the work of Scout Design - two really cool chicks who wear some kick-ass fashion and got it going on every which way. Like their own design firm, real clients, and cute names. And decorating street cred. And the clothes.

But is this okay in Design World? 

3.animal rack
4.moroccan wedding blanket
5. mongolian lamb pillow
6. cow hide rug
7. "gallery" walls
8. vintage suzani

moroccan wedding blanket, mongolian lamb cushion, animal rack

hide rug,moroccan wedding blanket, mongolian lamb cushion

tolix, antlers
  And don't think I don't see those "gallery" walls. Two of them.

Then, snap, there's yer vintage Suzani right there.

Taken by themselves, those are all lovely elements. But a greatest hits list of trends...

A concern? Or not a concern?

Just asking.
all photos via scout design


  1. Unless these rooms are authentic...meaning these dwellers actually travel to these places and bring these items home, it's overkill. I would say to the average person, be more original and edit!!!

  2. Edit, edit, edit - I think that's great advise!

    I appreciate your comment!


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