Friday, February 11, 2011

Diligently searching for lamps

I didn't pick up any of the March rags until 3 days ago. I've got three so far - HB, ElleD, and Veranda. And they're all till in the bag.

It seems like when I'm not working on any of my design goals, I can't get at 'em fast enough. But now, I'm back in FL, to the Villa M, and trying to make steady progress on this decorating shizz. That's where my focus is - running my own race. (I watched Secretariat last week.) Working on my own house and seeing how it shakes out.

Like bedside lamps. For me. In turquoise. If any cross my radar. Like on 1stdibs.

At Palm Beach Antique Center 4 days ago. Gone today.

Carlos De La Puente Antiques



Stripe Vintage Modern

I really love those from Stripe Vintage Modern - faux turquoise on the one and coral on the other. I like pairs that don't quite match. I also could swing with those copper and turquoise numbers from Swank. But those Italian jobs with the stacked spheres might be my faves! What beautiful shades they have. Yum.

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  1. I love the Stripe Vintage Modern lamps too! They are may fav!! What a great selection.


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