Thursday, April 21, 2011

New to me, Madeline Stuart, and she likes vintage

And antiques from many eras. Mixed in well in many different styles of houses.

I like Madeline Stuart. I couldn't miss her lately 'cause she's been blowing up the shelter rags the last couple of  months. (Apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention the past ten years, as I'm sure my nimble fingers have crossed her pages o' plenty.)

You're looking at 18th century Spanish, 19th century Japanese & English, Deco, 70s Sergio Rodriques, and 60s Milo Baughman just to name a few. And by the way, that is 1930s wallcovering in that library - 6th pic down.

So, now I know.

Something old, something new

something black, something white

I like it like that.

(But most of all, I like that alligator hide.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneaky photo

An ATL friend took in the ASO Decorator Show House & Gardens and shot me this surreptitiously captured pic of the dining room done up by Turner Davis Interiors.

click to enlarge
Pretty space and I love multiple tables in a dining room, but what I'm most struck by is that art on the wall that looks like gold ducks. I think she told me it was on wood. I won't be back to that town in time to check it out myself so hopefully proper pictures will be coming soon. Somewhere.

And in more news from the ATL bestie, these are now mine

for the kitchen, maybe, or ...
over this dresser in a guest bedroom
along with these bits for the bed
and only the black one for the kitchen because i didn't pull the trigger first time in
I call this progress. Because it is. Yay!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Again, with the Barcelona

I spied this spread over at The Nero Chronicles and was smitten. With the white walls, architectural details, the perfect mix of antiques and contemporary, and the masterful use of texture and contrast - the linen on the sofas with vintage fabrics on the pillows, the fur, the leather and the metallics - this home has my heart beating

"Te busque debajo de las piedras y no encontre en la manana fria en la noche te busque hasta enloquecer. Pero tu llegaste a mi vida como una luz  sanando las heridas de mi corazon ..." I promise, I hear Nelly Furtado coursing through my veins. 

coarse linen on the sofas

mirrored cocktail table

pair of vintage leather chairs

vintage fabrics for pillows

perfect mix of chairs plus linen shades & drapery

linen drapery & tizio lamps. yes.
linen on the bed. a million times yes.
perfectly simple vanity with bud vase

pictures via nuevo-estilo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paul has you covered

I have wallpaper lust and got with a half a dozen or so patterns for my newly remodeled house. I bought all of them from Colonial Wallcovering in Philadelphia. There's nothing in wallcovering that Paul can't get.

I met Paul at Colonial several years ago and we struck up a fast friendship. I stopped by his eccentric shop today to say hi and to suck up some good wallpaper vibes. With assorted miscellany and books and rolls and stacks of wallpaper samples, and Paul buoyantly minding the gem of a neighborhood shop, Colonial is a trippy, inspirational nudge to your plain-wall loving ethos or a flat-out fix for your filthy wallcovering habit. Yes. It's all that.


Here's a couple of my wallpaper installations via Colonial

sum design in guest bath
jill malek in pool bath
timorous beasties in powder room w/something metallic on the ceiling that i can't remember

And, with one white room (the office), that I'm thinking of covering, here's two that I'd love to have


707 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3016
(215) 687-6457