Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Progress report

I am moving forward in my pillow situation. A couple of them have come back from the workroom and when I get back to Florida, I will be excited to see how they will look in their domains. Two of these for the sofa

studio bon

To go with this guy

wrong side of a vintage rug via ebay
 This one
vintage scarf via red herring in tampa

Will be partying with my highly coveted Thorny Rose in a guest bedroom

of the young and the restless

And I just found these textiles at Material Culture in Philly

There might be something there that works for me.

I'm beginning to feel more confident about pillows. I'm not so sure about Mr. Sheep, however

kissy kissy on yer sweet face

Mr. Man say 'what?what?' when I show him, in all my excitement, what I will be bidding on. He doesn't see a place for that guy in our house. But I say 'hells to the yea' there's a place for him. Right here in the foyer

sure looks like this space is missing a sheep, to me

Perfect place.

I told him to trust me, and if he doesn't trust me, then trust Jonathan Adler - and I can't get enough of this - "when it comes to home decorating, the wife is always right (unless the husband is gay)".

Wouldn't that cheerful sheep be perf looking out the glass door?


  1. That little sheep is pretty fanatic- I vote a huge yes!

  2. Love material culture. Great textiles. Go for the sheep. Why not?

    Then again, my apartment is beginning to be overrun by animal figurines, so maybe you shouldn't listen to me.

  3. Would LOVE to see the sheep in your foyer!!

  4. I'm in love with the vintage scarf one! OOoooo. la! la.

    Jessica Rae

  5. Mr man needs to vote yes to mr sheep.

  6. I vote yes for the Adler sheep!!! Love him.

  7. I vote YES for the sheep. . . Victoria (sister)


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