Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paul has you covered

I have wallpaper lust and got with a half a dozen or so patterns for my newly remodeled house. I bought all of them from Colonial Wallcovering in Philadelphia. There's nothing in wallcovering that Paul can't get.

I met Paul at Colonial several years ago and we struck up a fast friendship. I stopped by his eccentric shop today to say hi and to suck up some good wallpaper vibes. With assorted miscellany and books and rolls and stacks of wallpaper samples, and Paul buoyantly minding the gem of a neighborhood shop, Colonial is a trippy, inspirational nudge to your plain-wall loving ethos or a flat-out fix for your filthy wallcovering habit. Yes. It's all that.


Here's a couple of my wallpaper installations via Colonial

sum design in guest bath
jill malek in pool bath
timorous beasties in powder room w/something metallic on the ceiling that i can't remember

And, with one white room (the office), that I'm thinking of covering, here's two that I'd love to have


707 East Passyunk Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19147-3016
(215) 687-6457


  1. Trove- Serenity with wildlife excitment. Very nice! Very cool bird movement. My eyes move around in a comfortable way. Flapping wings appear to be vibrating. That gets a huge thumbs up. Lots of white space to take a deep breath of fresh air. JA

  2. Dying over the fish and birds ones. Might be just what I needed, working on wrapping up a painting of mine and this might just be
    The inspo I needed.

    Xo! Jessica Rae

  3. Left you some love on my post today!! xoxo
    Stop by and say hello :)
    xo jessica rae

  4. JA - thanks for checkin out my blog. You took the words right outta my heart! Trove is just beyond, right?

  5. Jessica, the fish and the butterflies are de Gournay. So beautiful. Thanks for looking and thanks for the shout out! I love how you found so much inspiration for your art on the blogs!

  6. Thanks for the post! Come by the shop soon! We are heading to the ICFF on Sunday to find the new wallpaper designers!

  7. All so good! Especially loving trove and the fishes

  8. Paul, check out Eskayel! They have some beautiful goods. Wish I was going with you to ICFF, but I'm still here in FL.

    Naomi, we gotta go visit Paul!


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