Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coming soon

and it can't be soon enough. Finally, a new interior design show that should have me remembering when it airs and  breaking in the new TiVo - Bravo's docu-series "Million Dollar Decorators". Can't wait to watch my favorite of the 5 star cast, Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. His glam but comfy style is a favorite with the Hollywood glitterati set. He's done homes for Cher, Elton John, Christina Aguilera, the Osbournes, and Mr and Mrs Vidal Sassoon, just to name a few.

He can layer a space like nobody's bidnezz. I'm really studying that. I want the rooms in my house to look rich and sophisticated and perfectly finished. I'm going to school on Martyn Lawrence-Bullard!

playing kissy-face with the symmetry in this room
inspiration here for me in the layout of those pictures

martyn's own dining room w/stenciled damask pattern on ceiling
and this his, too. makes me feel big, heart vibrating love

cheryl tiegs' home put mlb on the map 15 years ago
the walls are covered in hand-stenciled tea stained silk

the house has evolved through the years

goat skin rug & van der rohe barcelona daybed in green. vibrating. 
not for my house, but pretty inspiration

dude love him some textiles. i'm down.

i've been pondering drapery for my bed...hmmmmm

It's gonna be fun to 'watch what happens' in the professional and personal lives of million dollar decorators who aren't candace olson.


  1. wow. i never thought i'd utter the phrase, "ooh, i like cheryl tieg's pillows." but i just did. lovely homes.

  2. Haha, hi, AG. Plenty o' pretty details to those rooms, for sure! Thanks for checking out my blog!


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