Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's only in my mind

cheerful sheep bench
french eyeglass molds
butterflies under glass domes
woven rope & wicker over wrought iron chairs
glazed terracotta vessel

big ol' shell mirror

but I have a store. It has a name and customers and beautiful windows. I redo the thrifted furniture that I hoard in my secret warehouses and sell it at my store. I move things in and out between my houses and my store and have fun that is beyond the beyond. The walls are white and the floors are something old and I do clever things with wallpaper. I have rugs and lamps and the odd bit or piece. Sometimes I find pieces in a dusty, and a little scary, auction house in Philly that has things stacked and tucked and rounded up in a huge old warehouse.

The next auction at Kamelot is April 9th and I won't be in Philly. But I'll go look around sometime the beginning of next week and if there's anything I have to have I'll bid online. And if I can't use something for my house, I'll keep it for the store. But I'm pretty sure I want to have that cheerful and sweet sheep bench in my foyer!

Such a happy fantasy. I love playing it over and over in my mind!

(The sheep in my foyer is for realz. I really, really, want him bad)


  1. Good morning. Love the sheep!!! What size is he??? You missed a big storm here in Fl., you left just in time!! Hope your house was safe. Have a great day. Margaret

  2. Hi early bird! I heard all about the storms and we're good there. You come north on Wednesday?

    The sheep bench is a little better than 4 foot long and almost 30" high. I have just the spot for him. He'll look suuuuuuhweet with all my white!


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