Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Laboratory of ideas

Designers and antique dealers Gustavo Martinez and Marc Madden travel the world collecting unique mid-century modern furniture, lighting and accessories, then display it in their apartment which is their gallery and "private viewing salon", changing it up every three months. Oh, that's the life! LLUV it!

The GM Decor home was featured in AD Espana (which I can't get enough of/still don't know how to type the accent over the n).

Click/tap to make 'em bigger! And enjoy!

tv mixed up w/the black & whites!


  1. Beautiful pieces in gorgeous spaces. I especially love the living area. That rug is calling out to me big time!

  2. You keep giving us more and more great visuals, thanks!

  3. Very cool indeed -- proof positive that traveling the world scrounging for unique pieces truly helps hone one's taste.
    Cheers, Alcira


  4. Oh nice! I love mid century stuff..looks like their site has a lot of goodies, thanks for sharing it :)


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