Monday, March 21, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Only the tiniest of changes on the home front. Many things in the works, but I'm probably looking at minimum of a couple of weeks before anything substantial changes there. Hullo... drapery and dining room table?

 Newest of my vintage brass collection. I'm aiming to fill a large wooden bowl with a tangle of them. Like hundreds. I like the sound of digging through them. The gator there is a nutcracker, the fly an ashtray, and the anchor and elephant are doorknockers. I have many more doorknockers still in storage after 3 years! Hullllo... unpack?
 Oh, just a small lidded bowl I thrifted. It really has no home of it's own yet.
Bolsters for the loveseat in the library. Beautiful Italian fabric that is actually braided or something. With the detail of faux fur welting. That upholstered back is charcoal linen and the seat is black leather.
The vintage chandelier over my bathtub that Mr. Man heroically won for me on ebay.

It's almost time for the push northward. I can't say I've used my time wisely this winter, but once the travel season ramps up there should be discoveries galore in store. After store. After store. Hullllllooooo  NYC. But first stop, PHL & ATL!


  1. Love the brass pieces. I wish I was so talented!!!

  2. Looking good! I can't wait to see what this spring and summer brings to your stash of good finds.

  3. Margaret, haha, you're sweet, but I know you have plenty enough talent to collect something!!

    J, I need to hit up some thrifties around DC sometime!


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