Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country’s not my thang

but when there was nothing else on the Winn-Dixie checkout magazine rack that I hadn’t already thumbed through, I picked up the latest copy of Country Living with decoupage pumpkins on the cover.

And I brought it home with me because maybe there’s a recipe there I want to try, or maybe I will decoupage pumpkins (not really). And there was a house I wasn’t completely opposed to.

countryliving01 I’m not opposed to those chairs.

countryliving03 I am not opposed to that bench or that runner.

countryliving04 I am not opposed to a frame like that with a plaster dog face next to it.

countryliving06I am never, EVER, opposed to a natural zebra hide rug or Parsons tables.

countryliving07Am not opposed to some pillows from Archival Decor


Never opposed to a bit of chinoiserie.

So, I probably had the wrong idea about “Country Living” houses. They don’t all look like this one from the same issue:

countrylivingblah Not my thang.

Although I’m not opposed to Windsor chairs.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I’ve missed blogging!

Hi anybody! I sure have missed updating Design Junkies and reading all my fave design hot spots. My silly life with all the travel and crazy schedules has got the best of me. Plus, I’ve been busy turning the wheels on my newest pad project and getting in some much needed pool time. But here I am!


I’ve been pulling easy to reach pieces from the secret warehouses that I want to try to use in the villa. They’ve been collecting dust, sitting around waiting for tile and carpet installations. The walls have been all painted white (except for one bath with heinous vinyl wallcovering that got a once (or twice) over with off-black). The tile, which I thought was going to be black, because the description said “Black”, is actually a brownish-blackish-copperish mash up. I went with the clearance 12x12 tiles based mostly on the price of $1.03 sf. The carpet in the bedrooms (via a cost effective hook-up by a relative) is a dark taupe-ish gray. I’m working strictly on the CHEAP!!

Here’s some shots of the mish-mashed collection

678 003coffee table gonna be stained top with painted base in a zesty lemon yellow

678 009 door to a cabinet that’s been stripped. the piece has a black slate top and is gonna be left natural. when finished, it will be a dry bar.

678 018hanging rattan chair. gonna get a cushion.

678 016  this aluminum screen is gonna to be a room divider

678 020brass side table

678 021smoked acrylic and monofilament fixture for the foyer. oh, so fab! LLUVIT!

678 024faux bamboo bench for foyer. gonna be painted (maybe black), and I want some chartreuse in there somewhere, like on the upholstered seat. OR, do I paint the bench a green?

678 031   brass for a wall somewhere. all interior doors are black.

678 012 lamp base. needs a black shade.

678 014 two black leather chairs for in the kitchen. i need a table to go with them.

678 028chairs for the dining room, with seats to be recovered in a black and tan tweed

678 030 wee orange and gold lamp with a tall string shade

Wow, looks like a jumbled mess! But I’m betting I can make some sense of it all and pull together a cheap, but stylish, place.

And, just for the record, I positively DON’T think that MEG is an amazing designer. UGGGHHHHHH… HGTV designers and Design Star judges – STOP SAYING THOSE WORDS. Oh, such lame and common style. And I must be the only one who can’t bear to listen to her speak. UGGGHHHH….