Saturday, September 24, 2011

Country’s not my thang

but when there was nothing else on the Winn-Dixie checkout magazine rack that I hadn’t already thumbed through, I picked up the latest copy of Country Living with decoupage pumpkins on the cover.

And I brought it home with me because maybe there’s a recipe there I want to try, or maybe I will decoupage pumpkins (not really). And there was a house I wasn’t completely opposed to.

countryliving01 I’m not opposed to those chairs.

countryliving03 I am not opposed to that bench or that runner.

countryliving04 I am not opposed to a frame like that with a plaster dog face next to it.

countryliving06I am never, EVER, opposed to a natural zebra hide rug or Parsons tables.

countryliving07Am not opposed to some pillows from Archival Decor


Never opposed to a bit of chinoiserie.

So, I probably had the wrong idea about “Country Living” houses. They don’t all look like this one from the same issue:

countrylivingblah Not my thang.

Although I’m not opposed to Windsor chairs.


  1. I have a suzani pillow just like the one on the last bed. Lovely home indeed- not your typical country.

    I miss you, Missy! Let's get together and thrift again soon.

  2. That zebra rug is to die for!! I want one :)~


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