Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm about to get busy

decorating and blogging. I have a number of projects on tap, and now, maybe time to get them done. I hope to be blogging from the new and improved Design Junkies, too, at

Stay tuned.

Here's a little before and after.

My sister sourced this bench and I jumped on it. Of course I didn't have a plan for it so into the secret warehouse it went. Then, on my last trip to Atlanta, with my buddy needing a bench for her new bathroom reno, I hauled it up there for her to check out

There was extra shiny pleather left over from my dining room chairs

A keeper for sure.


  1. Wow you really vamped it up! Looks great. I'm curious to see this bathroom now. It must be stylish.

  2. I just stumbled onto your blog and so thrilled I did! Seriously amazing work! For shizle becoming a new follower, be back soon!

    P.S. I adore the bench...lavish!

  3. that bench is beyond great! I want it!


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