Thursday, March 31, 2011

It's only in my mind

cheerful sheep bench
french eyeglass molds
butterflies under glass domes
woven rope & wicker over wrought iron chairs
glazed terracotta vessel

big ol' shell mirror

but I have a store. It has a name and customers and beautiful windows. I redo the thrifted furniture that I hoard in my secret warehouses and sell it at my store. I move things in and out between my houses and my store and have fun that is beyond the beyond. The walls are white and the floors are something old and I do clever things with wallpaper. I have rugs and lamps and the odd bit or piece. Sometimes I find pieces in a dusty, and a little scary, auction house in Philly that has things stacked and tucked and rounded up in a huge old warehouse.

The next auction at Kamelot is April 9th and I won't be in Philly. But I'll go look around sometime the beginning of next week and if there's anything I have to have I'll bid online. And if I can't use something for my house, I'll keep it for the store. But I'm pretty sure I want to have that cheerful and sweet sheep bench in my foyer!

Such a happy fantasy. I love playing it over and over in my mind!

(The sheep in my foyer is for realz. I really, really, want him bad)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Poo on you wintery buzz kill

I pulled out of warm and sunny  Florida and put the sand and sunsets behind me only to be welcomed back to the north with a dismal grey chill. I knew it was coming, but it smacked me hard, putting me on my butt.

Onto the sofa. Trolling 1stdibs all day for pretty shell pink, sandy white, and sunkissed tan pieces to warm me up.

Slather me with oil and put an umbrella in my drink. I'll be in this room until the sun shines and the temp reaches 80 up here.

parzinger charak breakfront
dyed shagreen box
french directoire style maison jansen commodes

barovier pink glass

portugese 18thc altar piece mirror
antique angora wool oushak

french chesterfield
marble & brass dunbar cocktail table

victor mirabelli abstract

rosewood & pink leather
vintage italian wicker bench

The look of luxe

and pretty. Pretty, Pretty.

But for someone else's house. And luxury hotels.

I don't know why I don't want pretty because I love it when I look at it and visit it. I see pretty and I want to smooch it... and then send it down the street. I drool and appreciate pretty but don't want to live with the little princess. Hugs, Pretty and then buh-bye. Luxe, you stay. I'll stand as much of you as I can get.

This David Collins designed display apartment from Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bangkok's MahaNakhon tower is an oasis of luxury and tranquility. I'm besotted by it's rich finishes of marble and shagreen, silks and mohairs, and metals. Inspired by the colors and textures of Thailand, David Collins Studio designed more than 75 original and custom pieces including furniture, light fixtures and textiles. And all of them are Gorgeous!

Click to enjoy larger images! 

smooch, smooch pretty room

kiss, kiss pretty colors

tie-dyed silk drapery, YES, YES!
The expansive living room is decorated in shades of David Collins' favorite blue, with custom-made sofa, armchairs and rugs. A pair of armchairs in yellow satin provide a contrasting pop of color. Twin coffee tables are in shagreen. Curtains are tie-dyed navy and white silk. Circular table by the window is in straw marquetry. Light fixtures are custom-designed plaster and brass.  dominic bradbury/belle magazine

you beautiful bedroom, you
green silk velvet, who's prettier than you?

In the spacious master bedroom, bespoke four-poster bed with leather cord-wrapped posts and embroidered silk bedspread. White silk curtains. Rock crystal lamps with silk shades on shagreen bedside tables. Silk velvet sofa and marble and bronze coffee table. Custom-designed chaise, side table and light in the corner. dominic bradbury/belle magazine

What do you love, but don't covet? Thanks goodness there's something out there for everyone to have and to hold. Or not.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Master bedroom details

As sharp of a vision as I always had during my reno project of where I wanted to take my house, I never clearly saw my master bedroom. I liked a gold leaf canopy bed I had seen in the magazines and once I saw it in person I knew it was a starting point. But then what?

I added a humongous armoire that I wouldn't have even looked at because it was a "Large Marge" Carson design - she must outfit all those faux-ed up McMansions because everything she does seems to be bigger than life. But it had a grid-pattern that reflected the headboard of the bed and was gold rubbed so it caught my eye. It was a clearanced out floor sample and most importantly, Mr. Man would be happy because it is so manly - solid wood and all. During this same trip to High Point I found some nightstands that would fit - once they were painted and had new hardware.

Then there were the thrifted wicker chairs I was determined to use. Two of them plus an ottoman. My design consultant suggested some metallic, acid-washed hair-on hides she had in her shop for upholstery, and that got done. And they look great with the bronze and capiz shell side table I had ordered.

So things were moving along and the ever uber-helpful Mr. Man makes a rug buying trip with me and we agree on a rug. erm erm. And things are looking swell enough, but I'm not really gonna love the room. But, inspired by some thrifted orange linen cocktail napkins I used for coasters by my bed, I knew the room needed orange and had orange velvet pillows made for the bed. Now I'm starting to feel a little excited for the room.

Also, from my design consultant's shop, 2 gold ceramic vases. Inspired by my love of these gold ceramic lamps, the vases are being made into lamps and I've picked a black nubby linen shade. They're going to be gorgeous!
1stdibs inspiration

Here's a few of the room's details

chandy in the master bath

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A little bit of Italy

just enough there

the rugs, perfectly just there

i wish i could see the room beyond the swell leather sofa

this table, those chairs, on that rug, that art & artifacts

perfect, simple bedspread

And a bounty of rugs. And art. In perfectly white, open spaces. Orderly and not spare. Everything, perfectly, just there. Artfully evolved.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Only the tiniest of changes on the home front. Many things in the works, but I'm probably looking at minimum of a couple of weeks before anything substantial changes there. Hullo... drapery and dining room table?

 Newest of my vintage brass collection. I'm aiming to fill a large wooden bowl with a tangle of them. Like hundreds. I like the sound of digging through them. The gator there is a nutcracker, the fly an ashtray, and the anchor and elephant are doorknockers. I have many more doorknockers still in storage after 3 years! Hullllo... unpack?
 Oh, just a small lidded bowl I thrifted. It really has no home of it's own yet.
Bolsters for the loveseat in the library. Beautiful Italian fabric that is actually braided or something. With the detail of faux fur welting. That upholstered back is charcoal linen and the seat is black leather.
The vintage chandelier over my bathtub that Mr. Man heroically won for me on ebay.

It's almost time for the push northward. I can't say I've used my time wisely this winter, but once the travel season ramps up there should be discoveries galore in store. After store. After store. Hullllllooooo  NYC. But first stop, PHL & ATL!