Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Small Pictures

I feel like I've been busily spinning my wheels on the Covenant House makeover. But there is progress. Sherwin-Williams is donating all the paint for the project and the Phillies are throwing in for the labor! Last week, several of the wives made a visit to see the facility firsthand and we picked out paint colors. Having all that bidness nailed down is a huge relief and I am so grateful for everyone's generosity, time and encouragement. And, wait.... in other developments, Cole and Heidi and the Hamels Foundation made a most lovely donation, and Phillies Charities is giving a grant, in Charlie's name, to Covenant House for the project. So there's all that. Not to mention people to do carpentry and electrical and wives volunteering to refinish furniture! So even though everything looks exactly as is did 10 weeks ago at the Crisis Center, we are moving forward and I have more ideas than ever.

This is what I want made for in front of the windows in the Women's/Child Lounge

Laser-cut wood panels

As I've been describing "laser-cut wood panels", I don't think folks were catching my drift. So for illustrative purposes I searched and found these. I had been thinking "organic/nature inspired motif", something like trees, and there are four windows so I thought each could have a tree in one of the four seasons.  Not trees, but I liked all the natural elements this design represents. 

But here's a tree

So, what kind of place does laser-cutting?

I discovered one months ago in Philly and I've been riding that high ever since, let me tell you! I want to be BFFs with NextFab Studio. If I can get this fabutastic organization on board, Covenant House PA will be one tricked out homeless youth shelter! I drool.

There are other helpers, who have committed to, well, help, and I will post more about them soon.

Meanwhile, finally, back home to Casa Blanca! YAY! I'd been away so long I forgot what she looked like. There's decor chores here I thought I'd get around to finishing.... but, the pool kept calling my name. Still, my pet project is chock-a-block with details that make me swoon

gold leaf and velvet
artemide logico
white bronze, white leather, orange
golden rings
velvet, lacquer
moooi random
marble, leopard
Oh, what tasty morsels! (And don't worry, that wonky screw in that door handle up there was straightened up. That dog don't hunt in this house.)     

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  1. Love the laser cut wood panels....fabulous design idea.


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