Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of hero worship and Martyn-Lawrence Bullard...

What are you saying, Martyn? I know you're in a hurry to trick out Sharon Osbourne's penthouse, but NO! That Timothy Oulton for Restoration Nation cigar leather "classic modern" chair is NOT an Eames rip-off knock-off, it's a Van der Rohe knock-off and you know that. And it's not fabulous.

And just like that, you're a regular dude who can make magic happen and decorate the shit out of stuff and all, BUT you can still say something that makes you sound, for a split second, like a douche-bag. LLUVIT! You are a genius.

I love you ever the more for shittin' the bed on Osbourne's apartment design. Absolutely banal. Who would have thought?

But you, Ross Cassidy? You, I just want to punch in the throat. Alot.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kicking it old school style at Casa Blanca


Misc 024

Domino and Metropolitan Home, classic R&B, lime-aid, and the waxy goodness of Bain de Soleil (for the San Tropez tan) orange gelee. Starting the week-end off right!

Deep in the hoard

 Do I want to go here?

I have 4 of these and a table that I could use on the back porch/lanai/Florida room. Is it a little too Trendy Wendy, or are you reading ‘classic’? I’d keep it that natural color, rather than painting the usual black or white, and throw down some bright cushions. What are your thoughts?

Misc 014

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There's something new coming here!

I can't wait for a sneak peek. You're gonna love it too.

Design Junkies is being revamped! It's gonna move. And have bigger pictures. And is gonna look awesome and be better organized and more personalized.

But that shit takes time.

Right now, it's just the same old tiny pictures you have to click on to enlarge (and you should). This is an old mill somewhere with lots of cool architectural elements, beautiful antiques, fantastic art, some Ikea and some blue just the way I like it. Mixin' it up in a swell way.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

If I don't find it at Salvation Army

it won't be coming home with me. (Or if Mr. Man says 'No, you can't have that'.) That's why my house would never look like this one that I LOVE! My house evolved in the direction that my thrifty hoarding took me and I'm beyond happy with how it's coming around. My vision for the renovation involved adding luxe finishes and architectural details and I was successful in eeking that out over the two years that the project took. I did the best I could and I'm happy and thankful. No decorators remorse here. Just another case of 'I love it, but not for my house', I guess.

Now, maybe if I have a house in Barcelona...

i tried to talk mr. man into a natural zebra hide

but he said no

and i'm sorry about that

because i'll always want one. forever.

i'm feeling pretty confident in my own dining table solution

but i don't have a desk i love

or nice looking books and a statue (how many of you are looking at the tolix?)

i give my kitchen the edge

mr. man said no panton, but then i wasn't thinking fab green. killing me.
It's fun to look at the pretty pictures and dream, but sometimes, there really is no place like home. Especially if I could have that big ol' mirror. Please.

The rich are different

And a few of the very rich are ridiculously different. It makes me vibrate to think about all the style and tastiness that money has bought - the most mouth-watering and luxe finishes that can be found in the world, the most important antiques, the most sumptuous textiles. Imagined and created and installed in stunning and tasteful digs. At a cost of millions and millions of dollars. And then more millions. And the very rich who want the status of having the chic-est homes and the furnishings with biggity-biggity provenance, can call on million dollar decorators to serve it all up and write checks like they were Post-It notes.
Nope… I’m not talking about those Million Dollar Decorators (Thank you very much, Bravo!)

These guys

Those two, although not in partnership any more, were together for 25 years tricking out some amazing homes. During the 80s and the 90s, they were shamelessly gouging their clients, marking up shit by 3 times, pissing off Anna Wintour, defending themselves in court (and in the court of public opinion) against gouging and pissing, and were looked upon by some in the interior design industry as being despicable. But they can conjure up eclectic and edited, classic, magical spaces that reek gently of luxury, and in some circles their hefty price tags have come to be seen as something of a status symbol. Fraudulent billing has undoubtedly been going on for a very long time in interior designing (and I know something about that), and is not a discouraging phenomenon to some very well heeled clients.

So, together, and now separately, Sills and Huniford, professionally shrugged off the “thieves” label that they were tagged with, and continue to make magic happen with their exquisite taste. 

To appreciate the beauty of the details, click to enlarge! 





 You can read the details in the following article published in 'New York' magazine

Decorators in the Haute Seat

A glittering client list and undeniably exquisite taste helped establish Stephen Sills and James Huniford as the hottest design team in town. The mansion they were building for a Philadelphia credit-card king was to be their masterpiece. Instead, it allegedly became an $80 million money pit that has exposed them to charges of price-gouging and shockingly undecorous behavior. 

Thanks to Japanese Trash for tipping me off to Huniford