Monday, May 16, 2011

The shizz going on in my bedroom

Piece, by little piece, my bedroom is making moves toward being finished. And, it's really the strangest room in the house for me because I had zero vision for it from the beginning, and still don't totally get it. The way things have come together is not completely unfortunate looking, and generally I find it pleasant, but the final moves could be crucial in making or breaking it for me. Sure, I share the room with my housie, Mr. Man, so I did keep his comfort in mind whilst making decisions, and he's happy. And I'm not bummed, but there's one important aspect to be decided - art for a huge white wall... here's a huge idea from Black Crow Studios. Oh, hells yea! Custom wallcovering by artist Karla Davison. Framed for my bare wall. I could get with this

And here's the wall (presented in crappy phone camera shots)

And what else?

some orange pillows

these carved wooden things

The pieces bedside are the artifacts (makes them sound way more important than they are) that I want to mount on brass rods into a plexi base.

2 chairs that need wee pillows

table that needs something

big vases that are now lamps with black shades
the rug
 And a review of the ceiling

Are you seeing it? I've got bedding squared away. The lamps are ready to be picked up. I need a floor lamp. I've been planning on this one

flos glo-ball floor lamp
Just one. Behind this chair (and not a word about my temporary paper blinds - drapery in progress)

Then, there's the manly armoire with TV. And baskets. I don't want to like baskets. I'm afraid they're too BH&G. I'm just not sure what to put in that space. I need art on that wall, so maybe with that, I wouldn't feel the need to fill the void. How about some of you design junkies weighing in on baskets? Hmmm..? Have a go - please!

the question of basketry
Finally, here's a peek into the en suite bath

i want an antique rug
the vintage fixture over the tub

I know it's disjointed, especially looking at crappy images, but I guess I could be feeling it once the final details are in place.What am I missing?

black crow images via vt via nkp


  1. Your ceiling is amazing and I'm madly in love with that wallpaper!!

  2. Oh this is going to be really good! You have so many interesting pieces to work with, I love the bed frame and that ceiling is incredible!

  3. Thanks guys! The ceiling was one of my favorite projects on the reno. During the progress nobody "got" what I was going for - even the carpenter.

    Now, I just need a good plan for framing out that wallpaper. Aren't the colors just gorgeous?

  4. your shit is awesome!
    you know i love that chair as you probably saw me humping the cowhide covered chair at pieces when you were here.

  5. Metallic hair-on hide = infinitely hump-able

  6. Mad style. Drooling over yo bed. And ceiling. And chair.


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