Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Raiding the Secret Warehouse

I haven't visited my hoard in quite some time, but I had to go fish out a piece that a friend may be using for her project - what a fun trip! Nothing I really can use right now, but you never know.

My mission was to grab this bamboo-ish daybed to take measurements. One idea in the mix is to refinish with a darker stain, use black 'leather' for the cushion and black wool boucle for two bolsters across the back. I'd say that'd be snazzy. LLUVIT! Robin may be luving it too!

I've had these two wittle stacking ottos for forever. I really want to do something fun with them. Paint and upholstery. But for where? For what? For who? Hmmm..., what could they be?

This tile picture. I'd like to be able to think of another way to frame it. Or use it. Or something. Any ideas?
I like the colors in my library.

Some kind of carved wood things that I have no ideas for. I don't see them anywhere in my house right now. Mount one on a brass rod and plexi and stand it somewhere? Actually, they may be pretty beside my bed mounted that way.

And in other developments, these found their way to me from Sarasota via Twin Daughter 2 who picked them up for me at the Women's Exchange there.

I know. Pretty, right? But don't confuse them with these
Cuz those are 500 bucks each on 1stdibs. Mine were 75ea at one of the best thrifties ever!

And then. And then...
The dining room chairs! Scouted and secured by ATL bestie Donna, and watched over at the refinishers by ATL bestie Robin. They've been stripped and finished and they'll be on their way to the upholsterers, where they'll get some new cushions in a shiny black 'leather'!
Look at that pretty polished finial! And, SURPRISE, for me - that burl wood inset! Really motivating me to get crackin on that dining table that's in my head just crying to be fabricated and brought home to Casa Blanca!

Also, thanks to the industrious-ness of Miss Robin, and her many trips to the fabric emporiums, I have fabrics for a guest bedroom coverlet, lumbar pillows for the blue velvet chairs, and the vinyl for those dining chair cushions. OH, I am on a roll - with Robin driving the locomotive! You know what they say, if you want to get something done, ask a busy person to do it!


  1. what?! this is your hoard, you lucky thing? ok, i love the carved wood pieces just as they are. maybe restain them a bit darker?? i'm sure they'd look pretty awesome lacquered, too. and that mosaic is outrageous. love it.

  2. So much goodness in this post!

    What couldn't you do with those ottomans??

    Your chairs look great, love the details.

    And I think you are spot-on with those wood carved pieces. Brass + plexi = modern rustic genius.


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