Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Of hero worship and Martyn-Lawrence Bullard...

What are you saying, Martyn? I know you're in a hurry to trick out Sharon Osbourne's penthouse, but NO! That Timothy Oulton for Restoration Nation cigar leather "classic modern" chair is NOT an Eames rip-off knock-off, it's a Van der Rohe knock-off and you know that. And it's not fabulous.

And just like that, you're a regular dude who can make magic happen and decorate the shit out of stuff and all, BUT you can still say something that makes you sound, for a split second, like a douche-bag. LLUVIT! You are a genius.

I love you ever the more for shittin' the bed on Osbourne's apartment design. Absolutely banal. Who would have thought?

But you, Ross Cassidy? You, I just want to punch in the throat. Alot.


  1. dude. i will be glued to the set ever more. the douchier the better.
    sharon osbourne's place looked like it had been finished in a day and a half...
    oh wait..

    and that beatles poster? 30grand??? it kills me when these decorators think it's ok to spend that kind of money on a fucking piece of art that isn't worth 1/3 that price.

  2. My thought was that MLB really didn't have much to do with that apartment - save showing up to be "stressed" and throwing in a slew of Tim Oulton goods! Something just seemed fishy to me about that whole deal, including Sharon's reaction. Why did the apartment have to be completed in 2 days when she has other digs in LA that MLB did up (and maybe my least fave house of his, but that's neither here nor there)?

    MFAMB - I'm sure your recap will be as entertaining as the broadcast!


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