Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where has all the inspiration gone?

I honestly don't know what has happened to my verve. My blogging attempts have been lackluster and I need to run into a kick in the ass to move me past this dry spell. I had a fun visit with an energetic blogger yesterday and was inspired to get cranking on some projects I've been casting aside. Working out of the funk - probably just what I need.

That, and a quick dose of the dashing James.

One of my long time favorite blogs, What is James Wearing, never fails to delight.


All the white, blue, and pink reminds me of a lot of things I've got going on over at Casa Blanca. There's inspiration in that gay man in a Speedo, I tell ya.

Stay snazzy my friends.


  1. Ha!

    I share your feelings of lackluster re blogging of late -- 'tis tough to keep the mojo going.
    But yes, perhaps a little pink, some blue and a Speedo may be just the thing ;)
    Also, the latest House Beautiful ain't half bad. Check it out.
    Cheers, Alcira

  2. Why WHY are all the hot guys gay?

    And the lackluster blog bug has bitten me as well. I'm going to call it spring fever.

  3. Ebbs and Flows in inspiration are totally normal. I think being inspired all the time would be utterly exhausting! But still, its nothing a little auction hunting can't cure you of, I bet. Oh and idea swapping with energetic bloggers will help too :)


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