Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What in the world


Busy-ness is all I can say. I have found myself, peculiarly, a tad numb to the siren call of designishness bits of all sorts. I think I need to find time to get my hands dirty. To work a project, find my inspiration from within. No books, no magazines, no clever design blogs are stirring my soul right now. Maybe they're just too abstract. I have 2 chairs in my Florida garage that I can get at when I'm there next week. Make something of them. Like better chairs.

Meanwhile, here's some work from these blokes. Collette-Zarzycki. But it doesn't pertain to me.

What is your favorite lip balm? Please leave a comment. Thank you. mm


  1. These are gorg!
    On the post below- love her, see also, Jan Showers. If you haven't seen her work and furniture she is fabulous! See also Christopher Guy. His furniture designs blew. My. Mind. Maybe not the inspiration you need but certainly lovely to look at!!!
    Also I'm such a dork. I still like old school lip smackers chap stick. If I feel to embarrassed to whip that out as a designer in intentional hotel design firm... Yikes... I peel off the label. :) bam. Generic sweet chapstick. Also anything from Whole Foods!

    Xoxox happy friday
    Jessica Rae

  2. Very elegant photos. The grey / blue room with the yellow painting is really beautiful.
    Great blog and will now follow.


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