Sunday, May 22, 2011

If I don't find it at Salvation Army

it won't be coming home with me. (Or if Mr. Man says 'No, you can't have that'.) That's why my house would never look like this one that I LOVE! My house evolved in the direction that my thrifty hoarding took me and I'm beyond happy with how it's coming around. My vision for the renovation involved adding luxe finishes and architectural details and I was successful in eeking that out over the two years that the project took. I did the best I could and I'm happy and thankful. No decorators remorse here. Just another case of 'I love it, but not for my house', I guess.

Now, maybe if I have a house in Barcelona...

i tried to talk mr. man into a natural zebra hide

but he said no

and i'm sorry about that

because i'll always want one. forever.

i'm feeling pretty confident in my own dining table solution

but i don't have a desk i love

or nice looking books and a statue (how many of you are looking at the tolix?)

i give my kitchen the edge

mr. man said no panton, but then i wasn't thinking fab green. killing me.
It's fun to look at the pretty pictures and dream, but sometimes, there really is no place like home. Especially if I could have that big ol' mirror. Please.


  1. I fully admit to staring at the tolix. There are 4 of the anthro versions available thru a silent auction right now. I'm torn... LOVE the shape, but hate that they made them in copper. For me it's gunmetal, or worn white all the way. I suppose I could paint 'em??

    PS- I think you DO need a house in Barcelona!

  2. i loved the tolix heaps. thanks for the acknowledgement too


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