Sunday, February 5, 2012

All books, no blogs

Even though I haven't been blogging, I've been that same tweeking design junkie ho who prowls Barnes & Noble, Amazon and eBay looking for my bound fix - magazines of every nationality and books old and new. Not to mention forays to the auctions of the used furniture mecca in South Jersey and thrifty shops everywhere.

And I've scored.

An Amazon jungle's worth of printed paper. And a few decor items.

Mostly lamps, mirrors and rugs. Those bits will be headed South soon enough and hopefully I'll produce artful arrangements of them all. Somewhere or other.

I'm still waiting to be hooked up with the shelf full of new stuff I found on Amazon, but a number of vintage books have been delivered by my eBay pushers and they have been keeping me quite busy.

These images are all from a book, published in 1971, titled Modern Furniture and Decoration. The interiors here just spoke to me. And they say "we are your people". They must be, because I feel right at home looking at them all.

Warren Platner is my people, for sure. And so is Alessandro Albrizzi.

Something huge on the wall is my people. I'm still trying to find some hugeness of my own.

Somebodies named Martin and Mimi Francis must be my peeps. They so fresh how they put those awesome Philippine rattan rocking chairs all up on that antique Turkish rug. Then, POW, they smacks down some cool stoneware and say "This shit for you, Missy."

Decorator Guy Chansioux tricked out this Parisian apartment in white and black plus, the calling card of my people, cool lighting. Not to mention that spare parsons style coffee table styled with an oh so deft touch. Imma comin' home Guy.

John Dickinson. I only wish he was really-o truly-o my people. This bed - constructed of iron scaffolding. Those lamps. The woolen walls and the simplicity of those tables and their arrangement.

It's all good in my hood. How's it with you and your peeps?


  1. nice to have you back, Missy! I'm in awe of how gorgeous and timeless these spaces are. Next time you head to South Jersey, give me a call :)

  2. Shut up with those interiors circa 1971. They are older than I am and look a hella lot better. I'm so glad to find you blogging again. I want to see more of your fabulous finds! Don't hold out on us. :0)


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