Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yo! Check out this makeover project!

I am a part of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball family and am spearheading a Phillies Wives project to makeover several key spaces at Covenant House Crisis Center (a shelter for homeless youth) in Philly. It’s something I’ve been longing to do and am happy that the organization is behind us as we move forward with this worthwhile undertaking! Here’s the BEFORE pictures.


The space that the program directors of Covenant House identified as a top priority is the lounge that is used by the girls and their children. As with all the rooms we will be redecorating, I’m working elements into the design plan that have quality and durability, as well as functionality. And because the residents are coming to the Crisis Center from chaos and trauma, my design goal is to create an atmosphere of tranquility that is organized and inspirational.


Another area that we’re taking on is the coed basement lounge which is the favorite gathering spot once everyone is back at the shelter after their day of job searching, work or school. Covenant House Crisis Center accepts young people that have aged out of the foster care system – ages 18 – 21. The “This End Up’ furniture right there? It’s staying! I think once we refinish it and have new cushions made, I’m gonna be all about it. And, Ellen Kravet ( yes Kravet – who I talked to on the phone and might have squealed at just a little) is donating fabric to us! Yep, this gig is LEGIT!


This landing in the dorm area of the girls who are pregnant or have children is getting a facelift too. We’re trying to find an artist who can create a fab mural that is nature inspired. If you know anybody, hit me up! 


The boys here are hoping for a Phillies themed lounge and would love to see that green wall painted. If our fundraising efforts are fruitful and we have good support from Philly area businesses, we’re going to try and spruce this space up as a bonus!

Living on the street sucks and Covenant House is working hard out there with an outreach team and programs to teach and train these kids. The Phillies Wives are proud and excited to be a tiny part of the tremendous good this organization does. For the youth that find their way to this shelter, the facilities they provide must seem like heaven. We’re striving to make it just a little bit prettier.

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  1. What a wonderful project to be involved in. I hope you share the progress!


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