Friday, May 20, 2011

June swoon - finally, the new magazines

were at Wegman's. The grocery store. Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Traditional Home. Not Barnes & Noble the book store - hopefully they'll be stocking the foreign issues soon enough. I don't rest until I've bought every rag with house, home, decor, decoration, interiors, living, casa, and cote in the title. And then what?

In spite of a dry spell in the inspiration atmosphere I'm hoping to spy a bit or a piece or two that just vibrates me. So far, there's a lot for me to like about the Michael DePerno spread in Elle Decor. A midcentury-modern house with soft neutrals, vintage pieces, organic warmth, Asian elements, and deftly layered accessories. Refined simplicity with no foofaraw ( word of the day - just wanted to throw that out there).


OK, so do these digs cause my heart to race and my tongue to swell? No, but the living room makes me smile. I look at it, and I smile and get a warm feeling inside. That may just have to be good enough right now.

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