Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The look of luxe

and pretty. Pretty, Pretty.

But for someone else's house. And luxury hotels.

I don't know why I don't want pretty because I love it when I look at it and visit it. I see pretty and I want to smooch it... and then send it down the street. I drool and appreciate pretty but don't want to live with the little princess. Hugs, Pretty and then buh-bye. Luxe, you stay. I'll stand as much of you as I can get.

This David Collins designed display apartment from Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bangkok's MahaNakhon tower is an oasis of luxury and tranquility. I'm besotted by it's rich finishes of marble and shagreen, silks and mohairs, and metals. Inspired by the colors and textures of Thailand, David Collins Studio designed more than 75 original and custom pieces including furniture, light fixtures and textiles. And all of them are Gorgeous!

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smooch, smooch pretty room

kiss, kiss pretty colors

tie-dyed silk drapery, YES, YES!
The expansive living room is decorated in shades of David Collins' favorite blue, with custom-made sofa, armchairs and rugs. A pair of armchairs in yellow satin provide a contrasting pop of color. Twin coffee tables are in shagreen. Curtains are tie-dyed navy and white silk. Circular table by the window is in straw marquetry. Light fixtures are custom-designed plaster and brass.  dominic bradbury/belle magazine

you beautiful bedroom, you
green silk velvet, who's prettier than you?

In the spacious master bedroom, bespoke four-poster bed with leather cord-wrapped posts and embroidered silk bedspread. White silk curtains. Rock crystal lamps with silk shades on shagreen bedside tables. Silk velvet sofa and marble and bronze coffee table. Custom-designed chaise, side table and light in the corner. dominic bradbury/belle magazine

What do you love, but don't covet? Thanks goodness there's something out there for everyone to have and to hold. Or not.

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  1. Ahhhh this is the most beautiful post! Love these. Lux lux lux. Im the same with pretty things. They come and go, but quiet quality, beauty is here to stay. I have to admit I used to think all this was excess, silly, nonsense, but now that my day job has be designing in hotels in china, Mecca! Etc, I love spending my days pulling those rich silky vevlets. Custom designing an antiqued mirrored credenza, curving lounge settees... It all feels almost like a joke!!!

    So.... My love but don't want? I love designer cloths. Shoes. They are so lovely. But I can't afford them, and if I could... I don't think I could brush off that feeling that says, comeon, we should definitely just feed some starving children with this instead. Nix those namey brands and help some people you know, or don't know instead! Call me an idealist :)

    Xoxo Jessica Rae


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