Sunday, March 27, 2011

Master bedroom details

As sharp of a vision as I always had during my reno project of where I wanted to take my house, I never clearly saw my master bedroom. I liked a gold leaf canopy bed I had seen in the magazines and once I saw it in person I knew it was a starting point. But then what?

I added a humongous armoire that I wouldn't have even looked at because it was a "Large Marge" Carson design - she must outfit all those faux-ed up McMansions because everything she does seems to be bigger than life. But it had a grid-pattern that reflected the headboard of the bed and was gold rubbed so it caught my eye. It was a clearanced out floor sample and most importantly, Mr. Man would be happy because it is so manly - solid wood and all. During this same trip to High Point I found some nightstands that would fit - once they were painted and had new hardware.

Then there were the thrifted wicker chairs I was determined to use. Two of them plus an ottoman. My design consultant suggested some metallic, acid-washed hair-on hides she had in her shop for upholstery, and that got done. And they look great with the bronze and capiz shell side table I had ordered.

So things were moving along and the ever uber-helpful Mr. Man makes a rug buying trip with me and we agree on a rug. erm erm. And things are looking swell enough, but I'm not really gonna love the room. But, inspired by some thrifted orange linen cocktail napkins I used for coasters by my bed, I knew the room needed orange and had orange velvet pillows made for the bed. Now I'm starting to feel a little excited for the room.

Also, from my design consultant's shop, 2 gold ceramic vases. Inspired by my love of these gold ceramic lamps, the vases are being made into lamps and I've picked a black nubby linen shade. They're going to be gorgeous!
1stdibs inspiration

Here's a few of the room's details

chandy in the master bath


  1. Very cool -- aching to see the rest of it.
    I think you may be surprised -- sometimes it's the rooms you think you'll never ove that end up turning into your favorite space.
    I find it usually takes that one piece -- either some sort of wall art, or a perfectly impromptu accessory -- to throw things over the edge and makes it all suddenly click for you.
    So far it's awesome.

  2. Thanks! Art, for sure. And accessories. I have ideas, but that's all. The lamps were a big step, and the bedding is almost back from the workroom. That may be the inspiration to spur me along!

  3. Loving everything...especially the metallic hide chairs/ottoman!! Amazing!!!


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