Friday, March 4, 2011

A plan for a new kitchen is not to be entered into lightly

Of all the rooms in a house, during a remodel, the kitchen may present the most challenges because there are so many decisions to make. Most important is the layout and then you have finishes to choose for cabinets, floors, counter tops and back splashes. Then there are appliances, hardware and lighting. There's the look to consider, but also the function.

You better be paying attention to the details.

It's likely that it's a room you'll be spending a lot of time in and one that will be front and center in your home. And if you're starting from scratch, like I was in my remodel, it may represent a pretty big piece of your budget. So, once it's done, it's yours. To live with. Maybe forever.

That's pressure. You don't want to muck that bidness up.

You worry, fret, and ponder. You consider all your options. You look at kitchens and finishes galore. Time is passing. You choose.

Then you ask yourself -

Did I choose wisely? Did I play it too safe?

And now that it's been at least 3 years since I envisioned mine, and less than a year of living with it, I ask myself -

Would I have done anything differently?!  Hmmmmm.......

artemide pendants

miele appliances

glasskote glass wall

kohler karbon faucet
blue star range and hood

So far so good. I'm pretty sure I'm thrilled with it. Only a few minor details I would change.

I know it's a kitchen a lot of people will find cold and stark but the sleek, uncluttered space is restful to me. The Statuario marble on the island is one of my favorite elements in the whole house and I think it's so beautifully enhanced in the clean surroundings. (My contractor was wise and thoughtful when he had the outlets and switches wired inside the cabinet under the sink rather than having any cutouts done in the marble.)

I love all the shades of white with my natural oak flooring. I love all the storage I have without wall cabinets. I love how it functions so well for a small space and I love that I had a vision and, in the end, the reality has really measured up!

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