Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Elitis is right for me

I've loved Elitis long time but couldn't pull the trigger on the wall covering I coveted

Mr. Man thought it was weird. (I know, right? OK, who doesn't believe in the point in Jonathan Adler's manifesto that says "I believe that when it comes to home decorating, the wife is always right (unless the husband is gay")?) My bedroom would have gone a whole different direction if I had been able to cover a wall in some random Asian chick. And those goods were stunning! Seriously beautiful. Oh, Elitis! I longed for you. I could kiss your Frenchness.

If I could, I would take some of all those fabrics up there and possess them. Maybe folded and stacked on a table. Maybe tucked under my pillow. Who knows? Maybe I have a chair to recover. Or a bench. Or maybe I would make pants. Who's to say? When somethings so right, it's right.

I love what I love. Don't you?

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