Sunday, April 17, 2011

Again, with the Barcelona

I spied this spread over at The Nero Chronicles and was smitten. With the white walls, architectural details, the perfect mix of antiques and contemporary, and the masterful use of texture and contrast - the linen on the sofas with vintage fabrics on the pillows, the fur, the leather and the metallics - this home has my heart beating

"Te busque debajo de las piedras y no encontre en la manana fria en la noche te busque hasta enloquecer. Pero tu llegaste a mi vida como una luz  sanando las heridas de mi corazon ..." I promise, I hear Nelly Furtado coursing through my veins. 

coarse linen on the sofas

mirrored cocktail table

pair of vintage leather chairs

vintage fabrics for pillows

perfect mix of chairs plus linen shades & drapery

linen drapery & tizio lamps. yes.
linen on the bed. a million times yes.
perfectly simple vanity with bud vase

pictures via nuevo-estilo


  1. looking at this i'm thinking just a floor length bedspread and headboard only on my bed maybe?

  2. Hehehe,

    So glad you dug it ;)

    Cheers, Alcira

  3. Robin, couldn't be more simple and pretty, right? I was thinking perf for your room!

  4. AMA, couldn't resist! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi what a great mirrored coffee table. Love it!


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