Tuesday, April 12, 2011

As my world is turning

Me and my glamorous friends are hanging by my new pool!

With stacks and stacks of magazines, pitchers of limeaide, watermelon and pitas and hummus galore. Plus, rearranging furniture in the Florida room and measuring out space in the foyer for my new sheep  (Maybe. Wishful thinking. Second chance.) I'm pretty sure there was talk about sifting through the secret warehouse or running through the thrifties while we're here, but that ain't happening. The pool's the thing.

Before coming home from Philly, I visited Robin in Atlanta and worked with her on picking out some elements for her master suite reno. We hit up the go-to fabric emporiums and got her covered, plus I cut a few pieces to consider for my projects at Casa Blanca.

(I just named my house.)

I couldn't wait to get back to this joint with another design junkie to talk to and hammer out a few more details!

Click on images to enlarge and really check out that gold leaf finish for the table!

design junkie
atl bestie robin
backyard at casa blanca

official flower of casa blanca
I picked my first gardenias!

rooms to go mirror from 1990s
Imma gonna try to get that mirror painted white this week. And maybe hung next trip home.

table finish
pillow fabric & table finish
My little table is going to be painted and gold leafed. That is the sample finish. The underside of the table will be glossy magenta. Pillows in that ziggy fabric for the blue velvet chairs.

won't it be pretty?

new pillows. the dotted ones.
I picked up the two new pillows for the sofa. And decided on fabric for two pillows for the black leather chaise - that blue blob in the corner back there. And the woodblock print resting will be hanging.

bold and beautiful
is darker than it looks
Connecting the dots - Okay, the vintage butterfly needlepoint is going to be a pillow on the bed in the room with the blue dresser. The black dotty will be the coverlet for the bed and the tie-dyed chintz is going to be the back side of the coverlet. Whew! Imma thinking CUTE!

table base with plans to cover the tabletop
That is a bamboo table base with a top that I'm going to have upholstered in a shiny black leather. I have those two woven leather chairs and they look good there. I do need rugs for that space.

That's it. Days of my life.


  1. Whoa....you gals are smokin' hawt.
    And you really need to give us even more Casa Blanca visuals, because your crib is becoming pretty mind-boggling -- do share the wealth, DJ.
    That backyard pool area is the stuff of drippy dreams.
    Cheers, Alcira



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