Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneaky photo

An ATL friend took in the ASO Decorator Show House & Gardens and shot me this surreptitiously captured pic of the dining room done up by Turner Davis Interiors.

click to enlarge
Pretty space and I love multiple tables in a dining room, but what I'm most struck by is that art on the wall that looks like gold ducks. I think she told me it was on wood. I won't be back to that town in time to check it out myself so hopefully proper pictures will be coming soon. Somewhere.

And in more news from the ATL bestie, these are now mine

for the kitchen, maybe, or ...
over this dresser in a guest bedroom
along with these bits for the bed
and only the black one for the kitchen because i didn't pull the trigger first time in
I call this progress. Because it is. Yay!


  1. love it all. Particularly the dresser and the bits for the bed!

    The art actually reminds me of a Jill Malek wallpaper.

  2. Yes, right! I've seen the one you're talking about.

  3. The art is fantastic. What are you doing swiping the good stuff from my hood??? And who is this secret bestie super sleuth? ;0)


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