Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lamps for this room?



rug, bed, chairs

fabric for bench

Do you see the chairs off to the left of the bed? They are wicker and upholstered in hair-on-hide (acid washed with bronze metallic finish). And the bench won't be that red. It will be stripped and left natural. The night stands are the same color as the wicker chairs with tiny brass knobs. The walls are all white.

NOT my room
but that armoire is in there. And it is has gold on it.

ellen ward scarborough antiques
Black and brass. And they're on the high end. I would be hoping to negotiate the price.

Arterior Homes

Iron on a marble base. I like a black shade in the room and the color of the iron is gray. Mid-range and doable.


a look at rug with the turquoise

I love the finish of that turquoise lamp so much I have bought 2 different vintage pieces with the same for my bathroom vanity top. But they really are out of reach..... so. I would have to find yet another turquoise lamp that was within budget.

I'm looking for a large, abstract canvas to hang in bright shades of turquoise and coral and whatever else.

And I'm looking for lamps. Any ideas?

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