Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pillows. So many pillows.

How many is too many?

Looking around, I feel like I need pillows everywhere. I'm seeing pillows on everything, but when I count up how many pillows that would be it's 35 - 40. Pillows. (That includes a few poolside, too.)

Pillows on sofas, beds and chairs.

supersize me

One pillow on each blue chair. Two more pillows on the sofa. Three small cushions stacked on the rattan chair.

supersize me

A pillow on the leather chaise. 

supersize me

Lumbar pillows on the backs of four kitchen chairs. I was thinking small bolsters. 

supersize me

supersize me

Pillows in the library on each of these two black chairs, and I already have two bolsters for the black loveseat in there. 

That's 15 right there! Then there's pillows for beds and chairs in the bedrooms. Pillows for chairs in the office. Pillows for loveseats and chairs in the Florida room, and pillows for chaise loungers by the pool. That's quite a melange of fabrics for all those pillows!

That's too many pillows!

And don't even get me started on floor lamps. Do you know how many floor lamps I think I need?


  1. Take your time, you'll find the perfect pillow for each spot!
    P.s. Love the root ball next to the black leather chaise!

  2. Hi S - Thank you for reading and for your encouragement!

    I love the natural wood of the root ball, not sure if that's it's permanent home though!

  3. I think buying pillows is almost like only what you like. It will happen over time.

    Now, for the love of Mary, PLEASE tell me about your dining room/kitchen chairs. They are wonderful and I AM DYING TO FIND OUT MORE!!

  4. Hi SaraSue! I really am pondering mightily over pillows - but you are right, it will happen. Over time!

    Those kitchen chairs, like prolly 75% of what's in my house, are vintage and redone. The brass bases were pitted and I tried to get them re-plated but couldn't find anywhere to do it, so I tried for chrome and they wouldn't fit into the "vat" so I had them powder coated. The backs I just had cleaned up, and the seats I had recovered in a Knoll Textiles, Stephen Sprouse, high performance upholstery fabric called Techno Tweed.

    Prolly way more than you wanted to know :)

    Thank you for your comment!

  5. DJ - thanks for the info. Very interesting. I do love them and am now on the hunt for something similar. Good luck with the pillow hunt. Can't wait to see what you get. :)


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