Sunday, February 20, 2011

This could work

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  in my dining room on the built-in buffet. I would love to have it.


I have a driftwood lamp that looks almost like this one. I just need a shade. Maybe it would work there too?

And then what?

Something small, bright, shiny and smooth. In a pretty color.

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That would go with the rug. It's a blueish gray with a citron-ish pattern.

Put it all on there. Sitting on white statuario marble.

Am I on to something? Or not?


  1. Could be most faboosh indeed.
    Good God the golden chandelier....worship ensues.
    And oh the lovely little penguins on that cool, phat slab.
    Keep workin' it DJ.
    Cheers, Alcira

  2. Question, bang the penguins, or keep them there and build a tablescape off them?

    (I don't say that word "tablescape" in real life.)

    (But I do say "colorway" in real life, when I can get away with it!)

  3. Lord, your house is spectacular. The finishes are so, so good. What about a fab piece of abstract art, framed, perhaps in the thinnest sliver of brass/gold frame leaning casually behind the penguins. Then on the opposite end the driftwood lamp. I think that would be fabulous.

    Have you seen her's amazing?!?

    This one could be fabulous in your space:

  4. Thanks N, for your ideas! I love the thought of a bright piece of art up there. I looked at the artist you linked! LOVE her work!! Thin brass frame would do it for me. Great direction!


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