Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blackman Cruz fantasy and my dining room

I've been fretting over the dining room. I've been here and there, back and forth, to hither and yonder with ideas.

I've been inspired and an evolving plan has sprung from those inspirations. The latest incarnation includes chairs in black patent leather, which I always loved. That love was sparked anew when I saw the dining room of Blackman Cruz co-owner, David Cruz, in the book I just bought - Rooms to Inspire in the City - and once I had my own chairs locked in thanks to another one of my ATL scout pals. 

I've been vaguely familiar with the iconic LA showroom just based on a few of their most seen BC Workshop pieces

ellipse OP table

bronze skull lamp

Neither of those are going in my dining room.


But a very cool table will be there. And some beautiful chairs.

Dressed in black patent.

And because I can't scan the book with the my-most-favorite-dining-room-at-the-moment-with-black-patent-leather-chairs image, here's some gratuitous Blackman Cruz shots lifted from katiedid, who actually visited the showroom in LA and took these pics.

photos via the blog katiedid

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