Tuesday, February 22, 2011


A couple of my ATL pals, both working on their own projects, have been scouting for me. And my needs.

With some success.

At one time I had looked at cork lamps for my bedside with the thought of using a colored shade, a'la the brass lamp with red shade in my previous post. (Loved that lamp, but that much brass is too much next to my gold-leafed bed). Soooooo... I had seen these at 1stdibs, and more on ebay. Big range of prices (oh yea, 1D shoots the moon. What new?)

Large range of prices - from about 800. - 4400. for pairs. All on 1stdibs

the one for me X 2

But these were found. Pictures were sent. Condition was considered. And lamps were taken home. By my friend. For me. Two of them, without the shades. 75. each.

Lamping for that bedroom took time, months, and went round and round, with wishful thinking and fantasizing, and nervous ticking (like all my decorating decisions), but now, just like that, I have bedside lamps.

And I'm hopeful they'll work in the space. But I like that this is a more casual choice than some of the lamps I was dreaming of.

And I need shades in a color. Any suggestions? I'm having 2 orange velvet cushions made for my bed. So, is orange out?

How about black?

And does anyone have any tips/sources for custom made lampshades?

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