Monday, February 28, 2011

Crocs. And not in a bad way

No question I've always loved the metals. I have bits of metallic finishes and architectural elements throughout my new digs. But I've been simply obsessing lately over some masters of metal that had not been on my radar until just recently.

One of them is Claude Lalanne, wife of Francois-Xavier Lalanne (he of iconic sheep fame). I discovered my oversight when I investigated some fantastical pieces that were causing me, upon repeated sightings, to have heart palpitations.  Good golly.

Loving me some crocs.

In a ruhlly good way.

I just wanna kiss them little Lyle faces.


  1. Love La Lalanne's work.
    And I still get the chills upon seeing the perfect placement of that croc chair next to the Bacon bit.

  2. Nero, you enrich my knowledge!

    Apparently my concupiscence for all things la Lalannes obscured my perceptions. I not only overlooked the nuances of the vignette, but the substance as well

    Thanks for contributing that highlight!

  3. Yes, yes, I share your fascination!


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