Friday, February 11, 2011


My old man is gonna spring for bedside lamps at 3 - 4K? Not. Likely.

So, I set out to Home Goods (or "TurquoiseLampsRUs") today. I could buy a lamp or two for 40 - 60 bucks a piece. Plus the price of shades, cause....... I would just have to.

And there were options o'plenty, including these

maybe too plain

i don't know

some sparkle stuff ruined these for me

 I'm going to keep looking.

But if I had to walk out of Home Goods with lamps today, I would take two of these

They're clear glass with rope netting covering the base. I would have to think about shades.

I bought two of these last summer. And they don't work beside my bed. One is out in the living room. One is still unpacked in the garage.


Geez, I'm all over the place on bedside lamps. Shouldn't be this tough. Let me know if you have a good lamp source!


  1. That's hilarious - TurquoiseLamps R'Us!!! I was just in Homegoods yesterday thinking the same thing!

  2. HHmmmm hard to beat home good pricing~ Really! But if you have a little more change to spare, you look into Arteriors or Horchow? Otherwise, in general, have you gone to '' take a look! you can plug in search settings, pricing, etc and it searches the web for you, or locally- whala! fantastic.

    Also thank you so so much for your comments on my blog. I love hearing your ideas on a painting- your husband? What a lovely idea- I have a thing for stylized portrait painting- obviously! If you'd like to commision a piece from me let me know, I am working on putting pieces together for a gallery showing soon so painting is a focus of mine right now!! Happy weekend :)

    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  3. Never tried But now I have and I'm browsing away! Haven't found "the" lamps yet, but have found lots of other goodies. Thanks!

  4. I must admit that Home Goods is a rather tempting slattern most days...especially where the lighting aisles are concerned.
    I'd say keep your eyes peeled and wait for a visceral response -- whether it's a 3K or a $35 pull. Because bedside lamps get lots of action and you're going to want to love yours.
    If the pull is indeed in the 3K direction, then try your damndest to find a nice knock-off...or not ;P
    Cheers, Alcira


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