Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sit down


I need dining room chairs.

To go with a dining table in my mind. Yet to be fabricated.

The idea - a base in cold-rolled steel with a waxed finish and the top is white Corian inlaid with something - born because I bought a huge hunk of wood dining table and eight wood & cane, sturdy, chairs thinking I would redo the table top and strip and reupholster the chairs. But the chairs are posing an unusual problem (can't be stripped - weird). So - going with that plan for the table and banging those chairs - I need chairs.

As it happens, the chick on Sketch42blog came with a round up of dining room chairs today. A few fun choices, but, for me, only one comes close - S42B chose the Cherner armchair. Love it, but as a dining chair I prefer the upholstered side Cherner. And it could be a possibility, with the fabricated table.


But what if I go back to the original dining table choice - the Timavo?


And the chair for the original plan? Panton.


 Mr. Man doesn't like that chair.

y lighting

(Just for the record, the Moooi Dandelion was the original lighting plan - and I still love it, but moved on when I didn't get the Pantons.)

So, what if I moved back to the fabricated table with a combination of banquettes and chairs and make it kind of loungey-hotel-lobbyish? Two smaller fabricated tables?

The dining room is right there when you walk into the front door - open foyer/dining room. And this.

my chandelier

That wood is a soffit that ends at the top of sliding doors and is getting white, sheer linen drapery installed, coming from underneath it. And, there is a floating, built in buffet - white lacquer with a statuario marble top.

If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it! 

I'm like a sponge.

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