Saturday, February 5, 2011

Incomplete. Again.

I'm planning lunch for 5 guys on Monday (not those 5). I'm short on furniture here and there's not much of any note in the secret warehouse to use. So I'm pulling things in and pushing things out (mostly chairs) to make some kind of seating arrangement on the back porch/Florida room . I'm able to open up the space onto the pool area, so that's nice, but beyond that it's just a big snooze. I'm throwing up a folding table for lunch since I have to make my only dining table serve as a cocktail table.

Something needs to happen to liven up the place. I just don't know how I'm gonna pull that off. I wish I had some pillows. Plenty of chairs around here. And no pillows.

I do think I have a couple of small side tables I'll be able to work in.

I'll have to go buy some glasseware. My few thrifted ones are smallish and I'd like to do better than Solo on the table.

Any ideas for something to put on that table?


  1. First- I have to say, I loved your profile description! And thank you so much for your comment on my art and blog. I am a designer by profession but also an artist/painter and I LOVE painting work for people’s homes! Nothing better than adding something special to the every day life, please let me know if you are seriously interested in my work! It made my day to see your compliment 

    Let think. Okay, you have a great start, actually. It would be great to add some warmth- and texture? You could always do something with plants, or colored glass. It could be gorgeous to add all blue/green glass on the table, with some wood tone place mats. Or can do allot with filling big glass jars with colored rocks, or even branches, twigs, leaves… I could be way off here. To be honest I have seen some beyond fabulous table settings where the center piece was a cluster of artichokes. Too crazy sounding? Make it a hit with the table wear and food. You have a great start!

    So glad you found my blog,
    xo Jessica Rae
    {lovely ugly design}

  2. You've got some great pieces, here! Pillows in one of the blue/chartreuse/white patterns from Tina Turk's outdoor collection would look smashing with your colors. I'll try to remember the pattern name and get back to you.

  3. Love me some Trina Turk outdoor! Oh, indeed. Thanks for the idea. She's got some great new prints, too.


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