Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Due to recent, and heinous, domestic sanctions, I have found me-self with limited spending loot in my pockets and making too few trips to B&N for the rags and new books.

So I saved my pennies. Have gone without a pedicure for a month, at least.

In Florida. At the start of flip-flop season.

Scrimped, I tell you.

So I was able to walk in today, 2 weeks before my Member card expires, and pick up what I didn't have off the news stand rack.

 And a book.

I don't know when I'll be able to sit down and really take a look, but just the fact that I have them, own them, satisfies my craving.

Makes my mouth water.


  1. Omg- I have 3 or 4 yrs worth of AD. If they weren't so heavy, I'd mail them to you!! And we get them in The Hope Hospice Thrift Store where I volunteer... price $.25!!! xxoo

  2. Thank you Sandy! I have all the back issues - boxes and boxes of all kinds, in a warehouse. I can't bear to throw any of my magazines away. I can't tear pages out, either. So I'll buy copies at the thrifty store to cut up, and keep mine intact!

    Thanks for reading my blog 8~)


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