Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I was led to textile artist Shanan Campanaro's work through the blog of her friend, and fellow textile artist, D. Bryant Archie.

I like these wallcoverings. I like looking at the styling of these photographs. I'm impressed with talented people. That's about it. If you like it, go take a look. And here, you can look at beautiful throws. I think both these chicks make beautiful goods.

All photos via ESKAYEL


  1. Hey You, in the CHAIRS LOVE ME post, The rattan number is so fine, so wonderful, I'm following you just because you like this chair. Well, maybe, your wit and style, too.

  2. Third picture = absolutely drool-worthy.

  3. Hey Hollywood dude - chair love may trump wit and style, for real. I gonna follow you cause your shit (and your cat) makes me grin.

    Julie, YES! And, OH, that knitted chair.

    Ann, thank you for reading me!


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