Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dreaming big,

not always getting what you want, and the design evolution of a bathroom.

And so on. And so forth.

I fell in love with these pieces by Jaime Hayon for ArtQuitect 4 years ago when I began my reno project. I wanted this vanity for my guest bath

hayon studio

But it wasn't to be. It was going to be too expensive. It was going to take too long to get. Whatever it was.

I don't really remember when the idea of it fell by the wayside or when it became definitive that I wouldn't  get what I wanted, but when it did I already had a back up plan.

Around this same time, I was becoming fascinated with some of the furniture and accessories designers were fabricating with Corian.




ftf design studio

So! I thought. Maybe I can have someone fabricate a look-a-like Jaime Hayon vanity out of Corian. Yay!

But I live in a small town. And sometimes it's hard to find someone willing to try new things.

But I found such a person. A Corian fabricator who's business had dropped dead off at the crash of the building boom.

But he could only do so much with the machinery he had available to him in his shop.

Still, he was happy to give it a try. And I ended up with this

 All made of Corian. And I love that.

I didn't get what I wanted. But I got something I needed. And something that fascinates me.

And because I know I'm not going to get this (gee, it's gorgeous)

hayon studio
Or any of the other number of bath storage I've fantasized over, I've been working on back-up plans. 

And now, one of them may involve Corian. Yay!


  1. Whoa, you may not have gotten what you wanted but I'm thinking you got something way better. Is that your powder lieu, for reels? Gorgeous...bumpin' hot. What an ingenious solution, finding a local artisan and pushing him to think outside the box. Most excellent.
    Have a nice weekend, Alcira

  2. Hi AMA! THANKS for your generous comments! I'm all about finding creative solutions. That gives me some of my biggest highs!

    That is actually my guest bath. It's not completed, but I'm hoping I can be a strong "closer" and have a polished finish!

    Best regards. mm


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