Thursday, July 14, 2011

I haven’t blogged much lately

but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t acquiring more junk - ‘cause I was. Some of it may move into Casa Blanca for good, some may be sent to hibernation in the Secret Warehouse.

All of it will be treasured. And sooner or later my “intuitive” decorating plan will look like it makes sense!

progress 023

This brass floor lamp with a very cute green tin shade might work in this guest room. I know everything looks plain and disjointed right there, but I think when the whole space is fleshed out, I’ll like the looks of that corner. The lamp is definitely a keeper.

progress 041

This wicker floor lamps makes me vibrate with glee! The chinoisserie chair has been sitting there begging to be reupholstered, but I took so long that now it may be replaced with a different chair – the big, open wingback envisioned in kelly green velvet. The lamp will stay.

progress 029 The little brass table has to stay! Somewhere. What a terrific shape.

progress 032

Great trash picked chair my girly-girls pulled from the side of the road in Sarasota. They spied it, they pounced, and they brought it home proudly to Mamma. It sits next to a pile of other finds, and a suitcase that’s packed and ready to go if ever Mr. Man can take no mo of my hoarding and tells this pack-rat to hit the road!


Another rescued chair! A concerned friend sent me a pic and hoped I could save this pair from those poor living conditions. Of course I said yes – no chair in need is ever turned down.

I’m big hearted that way.

cacharel 010

Thrifted scarf gonna be made over into a pillow.

progress 026

progress 037

Mirror painted white and hung on the wall! The first thing I’ve put up.

progress 001

I’ve deliberated – this is going to be painted off-black with slightly off-white cushions. I have a glass top. This group may be staying on the back porch.

progress 044

Also hung – these two mirrors!

progress 035

And FINALLY – the upholstered headboard for the guest room is right and ready to be slapped up behind the bed!

Hopefully, this little spurt of activity and gathering will be just the start of lots of creative moments. I’ve come so far with this project, yet still have so far to go. I want to be a closer and get it wrapped up so I can start moving on to the next project – a store! It’s only in my head right now, but if I keep up the  hoarding….


  1. Women you have me beat by miles in the furniture hoarding department. I'm jealous. You got some good shit there. Like, really good.

  2. absolutely amazing. that wicker table and chair set is the stuff of dreams. what a lucky, lucky design junkie you are!


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