Saturday, July 2, 2011

Space awesomeness!

On this blog, I’m usually yammering on about this or that fantastic space – in my house, or someone else’s. But this is fer realz space awesomeness!  I’m an invited guest of an astronaut and will be a part of the amazing spectacle of the launch of the final space shuttle mission! Positively, vibrating with glee! I’m a Florida native and a life-long NASA fan, so I’m proud and excited to have this opportunity.

Go, Atlantis, go!

images via
Space Shuttle
my astronaut on the left - Commander Chris Ferguson
atlantis on the launch pad at kennedy space center

chris takes pictures while exiting the orbiter access arm

Space Shuttle
payload canister w/spare parts for the iss


  1. How amazing.
    Meanwhile we in Houston mourn that NASA's Space Program is having its cojones clipped by the Prez of our great nation.
    Ah me....
    Enjoy and fully savor this once in a lifetime moment.
    Cheers, Alcira


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