Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guest Bath - Incomplete

I have a guest bath that needs storage. I had the sink/vanity fabricated from Corian, and not wanting to put in any built-in cabinets, I thought it would be speedy business to find a piece to stand in the space on the wall to the right of the silhouette. But there's been nothing that lights me up. (Remains pendant light, SUM Design wallpaper)

Well sure, at first there was this pharmacy cabinet from Restoration Nation that I was inspired to try when I saw some vintage ones at ABC Home. This was cheaper, but when I saw the finish in person, I was right disappointed.

Then, there's this. Crate & Barrel. Nice looking, but pretty generic. It would serve it's purpose and would be a little more showy once styled. Mmmm. Not sure.

The most attractive option to me right now, but I haven't nailed one down within budget, would be a vintage brass and glass number. So, I'm still looking.

Oh, one more. I have a thrifted 4 drawer oak chest with brass pulls that has very nice grain in the veneer. A thought was to do a cerused finish involving some black, or to paint it emerald.

Meanwhile, I bought this Betsy Walton print on Etsy last summer but haven't gotten around to having it framed. But when I do, it'll be hanging in there. One day.


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