Sunday, January 23, 2011

Not for lack of ideas

It started with a house. A 1985 jobber with "knock down" texture on the walls, 12x12 ceramic tile, almond Formica kitchen and cultured marble vanities in the baths. Outdated and uninspired from the dented metal front door to the outdoor carpeted screened back porch, it held potential, nonetheless, in it's volume ceilings and livable floor plan. And I had ideas.

In a quiet, comfortable neighborhood, we bought the home in 1996 and raised a family without making any big design changes and not totally committed to the idea of this being our "forever" home. And I had ideas. And I began saving them in 3-ring binders - tear sheets and magazine cuts, and wallpaper samples and fabric memos. All carefully organized in plastic sleeves, added to and edited over years of browsing the nets, collecting catalogs and pouring over ever accumulating stacks of shelter magazines from around the world.

Then one day, maybe 4 years ago, after looking at new houses, better houses, lakefront houses and houses on acreage, all my big ideas got the better of me and I really wanted to flesh them out right where we were. So I took all the ideas and eventually went to work on a big, fat, pain-in-the-ass reno.

Now, 3 years from the start, the construction is done, the CO has been in hand a year, we've broken in the pool, the grill, the coffee system and the gas range, but the storage warehouse hasn't been emptied, there's temporary paper blinds in the master bedroom and there's unfinished decorating projects and unfurnished spaces galore.

There's a lot left to do. And I've got ideas. And I'm talking about them in this blog.

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